Jillian Ward reaches 1M fans on TikTok, speaks about being an on the internet influencer at 15

Jillian Ward on her internet success: “I’m just glad that I, somehow, make these people happy with my videos.”

In less than a month, Kapuso teen celebrity Jillian Ward is currently a licensed TikTok millionaire!


“I feel really blessed knowing that God gave me amazing gifts, talents, and opportunities,” says the beautiful 15-year-old.

Does she feel any stress uploading her images and also video clips currently?

“I feel it because a lot of people look up to me, especially the younger ones. So I want to set a good example not just with young people but also with older people.”

Although Jillian has millions of fans on her social network accounts, numbers do not matter as she makes everybody delighted.

She claimed, “Naturally, I feel delighted. Yet honestly, my fan count doesn’t matter what issues I’m making individuals pleased, regardless of whether it’s a bachelor or numerous individuals.

“I see comments of people that their day got a lot better because of my videos on TikTok or my posts on Instagram.

“I also see a lot of people, especially kids, making duets with me on TikTok. I’m just glad that I, somehow, make these people happy with my videos.”


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