Pennsylvania police officer recorded TikTok defending the Confederate flag while working.

A policeman from north Pennsylvania filmed TikTok safeguarding the Confederate flag while he was on duty, WETM 18 News reported.
Officer Brian Gossert, a Mansfield Borough Cops Division police officer, resided on TikTok when he started defending the Confederate flag.

” I do not recognize how it [the Confederate flag] is racist. It represents the South, just like the Union flag represents the North. No person claims that the Union flag is racist, so why are we saying the Confederate flag is racist?” Gossert stated.

” So yeah, technically they fought for slavery, I guess you can state, however once again, that was over 200 years ago. I think it’s time that individuals just like, get the f– over themselves. Because… if the meaning behind that flag is still that upsetting currently, then we need to despise the South still,” Gossert continued.

Gossert took place to say that law enforcement agencies are wrongly implicated in a bigotry which is racist Democrats.

Mansfield Borough Manager Christopher McGann informed 18 Information in Elmira, N.Y.; the department is aware of the circumstance yet declined to talk about the officer’s present condition.

” The Borough Council is horrified and outraged by this conduct,” the division stated in a Facebook message. “The police officer has been suspended, and an investigation is continuing.”

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